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John Pietruszka DDS in Staten Island NY

Locator attachments are self-aligning resilient overdenture attachments.  This system is designed to provide a “snap” connection between the patient’s implants and the overdenture.

Often patients who have lost all the lower teeth have difficulty wearing a full lower denture. Lower dentures are usually a horseshoe shaped prosthetic device that allows for movement of the tongue and musculature.  Poor, worn-down ridges in the lower jaw usually do not provide adequate retention, sometimes not even a definite fit, for the lower denture.

By having two implants placed in the lower jaw at the canine positions, a much improved result can be achieved.  Male abutment attachments are fitted to the implants, and female attachments to the inside surface of the lower denture. The denture will settle in to a definite seat and “snap-on” to the implants.  When the tongue and adjacent musculature move, the overdenture remains in place.

The resulting connection provides the patient with a tremendous improvement in chewing efficiency.  The locators also provide enhanced speaking and phonetics, since the denture cannot “jump” out of position during speech.

In many cases, locator attachment technology has been applied to problems with denture retention in the upper arch as well.  People who are unable to wear the full maxillary denture, due to the large palate, are also candidates.  The locator solution will solve problems with swallowing and retention.  The scaled down upper overdenture is an excellent solution for patients with an extreme gag reflex.

 A simple consultation with the dentist will allow you to view the demonstration model and find out if you are a candidate.      

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