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John Pietruszka DDS in Staten Island NY

There are many situations when teeth may need to be removed for various reasons:

· Extensive decay

· The tooth does not respond to endodontic (root canal) treatment.

· The tooth is infected.

· Root canal treatment fails leading to infection.

· The tooth is loose / infection is from periodontal disease.

· Strategic extraction(s) for orthodontic treatment.

· Impacted wisdom teeth that become cystic or chronically infected.


Teeth can often be extracted by the general dentist; however, more difficult extractions, especially wisdom teeth, should be referred to an oral surgeon. Each case needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.

Fearful patients are better treated under sedation by an oral surgeon.

Patients planning on implants to replace the extracted tooth / teeth may require bone grafting at the time of extraction. These procedures are best performed by an oral surgeon or periodontist, who will follow the patient and place the subsequent implants at the proper time.



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