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Digital X-rays

John Pietruszka DDS in Staten Island NY


Digital dental radiography has become more mainstream over the last ten years, mainly due to the advantage that the patient is exposed to less radiation per x-ray.

“The large sensor (intra-oral apparatus) has always been a stumbling block with direct digital x-rays, because of its large size, rigidity, and traumatic discomfort to patients when trying to close down on the bite block/ring aligner”

Our practice uses a much more comfortable indirect digital system (phosphor plates), in which the “inside the mouth plate” is exactly the same size as traditional analog dental film. The phosphor plate is then scanned into the computer and a precise, magnified image is projected on a large screen for better, more accurate diagnosis.

Smaller plates are available for a more comfortable radiograph, especially for children.

The images are also easily printable for any necessary referrals to specialists.

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