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All on 4/All on 6
John Pietruszka DDS in Staten Island NY





-Results in permanent teeth that are brushed and cleaned like natural teeth.

-Does not have to be removed.

-Does not need denture adhesives.

-Teeth are comfortable-no pressure on gums/ridges.

-Allows the patient to experience full taste sensation, as well as the hot and cold sensation of foods.

-Allows patient to bite/chew with increased force - up to 70% improvement!  A person can eat all their favorite foods again.

-Prevents bone resorption from denture pressure.

-Restores facial features, often resulting in a younger appearance.

-Throughout treatment the patient is never without teeth.

-Most people without natural teeth are candidates.



ALL ON 4 is a technique for total replacement of teeth in an edentulous arch (no teeth remaining).

This is a combined surgical and prosthetic dental procedure that can usually be completed in one day.  This method was developed in the 1990s through studies by Nobel Biocare in collaboration with a Portuguese dentist, Dr.Paulo Malo’.

The procedure leads to a complete rehabilitation of either the maxilla (upper jaw) or mandible (lower jaw), or both.

Patients can opt for a permanent screw retained fixed restoration (not removable), or an overdenture which “snaps” onto the underlying implants.

Arches where four implants are placed can usually be restored with 8 to 10 replacement teeth.  Arches where six (ALL ON 6) implants are placed can be restored to full function with as many as 12 teeth.

When extractions are necessary, hopeless teeth can be extracted and the implants placed immediately.  This part of the procedure is best accomplished by an oral surgeon or periodontist who is highly trained to place the implants into proper and parallel alignment.

The prosthetic procedure can be completed the same day by the general dentist who will fabricate and place a long term temporary.  In most cases the implants need four months to integrate with the bone.  After this healing period, a final prosthetic device is placed.

This method leads to excellent results, with about a 70% increase in chewing function.  Restored smiles are always a bonus.  The procedure works well especially for patients with poor quality ridges who have difficulty wearing dentures, or patients who are unable to tolerate the large palate of an upper denture.

Call for a consultation and treatment plan to determine if this method is beneficial to you.   


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